The castle, built at the very end of XIXth century includes a main building on which are leaned a dungeon and a bartizan. The main, main roof, accessible by the bartizan, is in zinc surrounded by a sidewalk with a stone balustrade imitating a roof in terrace. Towers are covered with slates. and the ornaments of ridgepole are in cast iron.

The reception rooms, dining room and kitchen are on the ground floor where we can admire a large
reception hall, broadly adorned with motives XVIIIth gilded such as vases, bunches, cordons, rosettes, garlands of flowers, laurel, acanthus leaves, pearls, godrons, etc... In the centre, two big mirrors make face creating the phantasm of a "infinite" gallery of glasses and the wooden monumental staircase fills out the most richly decorated room of the castle. In the kitchen, they can also admire plaster sculpture representing the nourishing earth.
This sculpture is listed as the heritage of the department and was at the beginning on the gable of the farm building facing the gate entrance which is adorned with the initials MB of the constructor. Elements of architecture decorate the facade of the castle where we can also see the initial B for Bergougnan on the frontispice.

The first floor includes an office, a playroom, a room of billiard, 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms with toilets. At this time, only the first 2 levels are restored, they will be supplemented by a projection room, 7 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and 4 wc on the second floor and 2 bedrooms on the third floor.

The reception part on the ground floor, including the dining room, the reception hall, and two big communicating living rooms, allows to receive comfortably groups of about fifty people which can also take drinks and cocktails on the terrace of the swimming pool during the summer season.