Château de Riolas 
Danièle et Jacques Patenet De Graeve   Le Château   31230 Riolas

The building

Native of the region, Raymond Bergougnan creates in 1885, to Clermont Ferrand, with his brothers Jean and Mathieu a small firm specialized in the rubber stamps. In 1898 the "Société de caoutchouc brut ou manufacturé" develops the production of tires for cars and becomes the biggest rival of Michelin who will end up absorbing it by 1923. Raymond Bergougnan built the "Castle of Gesse", on the village of Boulogne on Gesse in around thirty kilometres of Riolas. His brother Mathieu built for his part the castle of Riolas as well as the chapel of Castera Vignoles. Besides the castle, domain consisted of a hundred of hectares exploited by a dozen tenanted farms. Uncredible comfort for the time, the castle was fed with running water by its own catchment basin!!

The home of recovery

The last heirs sold the castle and domain by 1955. The castle was bought back by Jeanne Marcerou, who transformed it into a home of recovery for women, who had up to 70 - 80 residents. Following judicial wrangles which were the talk of the town of epoch, the home was closed and the castle confiscated by 1970.

Abandonment and resurgence

During more than 20 years, the castle is left in the abandonment, delivered to all sort of squatters and looters. Several owners succeed one another unsuccessfully. In 2000, the actual owners buy the castle for which they have a true blow of heart. It is the beginning of the true restoration of the castle, respecting as it is possible the mind of the constructors. Littel by little, the castle is finding its bygone beauty and once again it is permanently lived since 2007.

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